DJ GRABOWSZKY (Budapest, Hungary) 


Attila alias DJ Grabowszky lives in Hungary.

He has been interested in DJ'ing since his childhood. 

In 2011 he got in touch with Kizomba and started to take dance classes. After some time he got back behind the DJ desk again and got specialized to west african music: Cabo Love, Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxa, Kuduro and Afro House.

Since 2011 he appeared at several national and international Kizomba Parties, like Tentaçao, Toma-Toma, KizHug, Picante, BIKE, Vienna Salsa Congress and now it will be his second time in Graz.







DJ SUPAMAN (Bratislava, Slovakia)


Álvaro started dancing when he was born and always loved to dance. He started to dance Kizomba 4 and a half years ago and has been addicted ever since. In 2015 he started Dj-ing for their weekly socials in Bratislava and he got bookings from Vienna, Bratislava, Hungary, London, Lisbon and Warsaw since then. 



DJ AZMAËL (Graz, Austria)


Azmaël comes from a musical background and has been dancing passionately for a long time. When he began taking the DJ booth, Kizomba Fusion was his focus from the start.

The sportive Austrian enjoys music of all kinds and likes to walk off the beaten track, as long as good taste allows it. Always on a quest for sound, Azmaël is longing for that magical moment on the dancefloor, that will let you forget the world around you.

DJ SOULBEAT (Gothenburg, Sweden)


He was born in a family and culture where dance was a natural part of life. He always had a passion for dance and he is blessed to be working with his passion.

HIs carrier startet 2009 with breakdance. A year later he discovered popping which made his passion for dancing grow even bigger.

He got in touch with the impressive and beloved dance Kizomba at the end of 2015 and got hooked. Half a year later he started having classes in Urban Kiz in several cities in Scandinavia.

Due to his passion for Kizomba he started working as a DJ.